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How to configure Notify’s emergency response feature

With Notify, you can send a pre-configured emergency response message from a Notify Agent device to other Notify Agent devices within your environment. You can configure the emergency response feature either using the Notify Agent Configurator or via Group Policy. Using the Notify Agent Configurator Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\NetSupport\NetSupport Notify and run the AgentConfig.exe. […]

How to apply the NetSupport Notify ADMX files

Notify integrates with Microsoft’s Active Directory structure, enabling you to manage Console and Agent configurations centrally. These configurations can be integrated using ADMX Files. Notify includes four ready-made Administrative Templates using the ADMX format listed below. Each ADMX file will also include a corresponding ADMX language-specific resource file (.ADML). NetSupport_Notify_Machine_Agent.admx Machine based policies that will […]

Best practice installation of Notify software

This article provides instructions for a standard Notify installation, configuration and deployment of the Notification Agents and Consoles. Installing and configuring the Notification Server Note: Please access your Notification Server as directly as possible (if you’re using RDP to access it, make sure that you use an RDP Console session). To install the Notify Server, […]

Installing Notify via Active Directory Group Policy

This article explains the steps to follow to deploy Notify via Active Directory Group Policy. Creating your installation package The following files are required to perform an Active Directory installation (they need to be placed in the package): NetSupport Notify.msi NSN.ini (the component file which tells the installer which components to install, i.e. Agent, Console) […]

Defining different departments/groups on Notification Agents

Notify allows you to define different departments/groups for Notification Agents. There are two ways to do this: Set a custom department name on the Agent in the Config.dat Configuration file. Or If the machines are in a domain and are divided into Active Directory Organizational Units reflecting their departments (e.g. Admin, Sales, Support, etc.), you […]

Configuring the Notify Server details for Notification Agents and Consoles by Group Policy (GPO)

It is possible to configure the Notify Server details using the ADM templates that are provided with a Notify installation. First, you need to apply the ADMX and ADML templates to the PolicyDefinitions folder on your domain controller (usually found in %systemroot%\sysvol\domain\policies\PolicyDefinitions) The templates can be found in (on a machine with the Notification Console […]

How to change the hotkey combination for emergency response messages in Notify

There may be times when you need to quickly send an emergency message to Notification Agents, for example, when you need to quickly and quietly tell staff they need to exit the building.  Notify allows you to pre-configure an emergency response message at the Agent’s machine and set up a hotkey combination to send this. […]

Recommended procedure for upgrading Notify to the latest version

This article covers the recommended upgrade procedure for updating Notify to the latest version. First, you need to download the latest installer file. Windows installer: Mac Installer: ACS will email you a copy of the NSN.lic file. If you place a copy of the NSN.lic file in the same folder as the setup.exe […]

TCP/IP port numbers used in Notify

Below are the TCP/IP ports numbers used by Notify. Please note some of these ports are configurable within Notify. Notification Agent Connects to a Notify Server on port 443 (TCP). Listens for communication from the Notify Deploy utility on port 54328 (TCP). Notification Console Connects to a Notify Server on port 443 (TCP). Notification Server […]