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Enable DNA to Work with Windows XP Firewall

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Download PDF:  KB0601

Installing Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 installs and enables the Windows firewall by default. The Windows Firewall, in its default configuration, will block all DNA network activity.  The Windows Firewall Configuration must be modified to allow DNA to function properly.

ACS has a utility that will configure the Windows Firewall to allow DNA to function correctly. To use this utility, follow the instructions below.

Allow DNA to work through the Windows Firewall Configuration

  1. Download ICFCONFIG.EXE
  2. Run the utility on a workstation with DNA installed using the following command:
  3. This will create all the required entries in the Windows Firewall Configuration to allow DNA to function correctly.

The ICFCONFIG utility can also be used to remove DNA from the Windows Firewall Configuration.  See below for all the ICFCONFIG Command line options

Full Syntax for the ICFCONFIG utility

icfconfig [options] PRODUCT

-e enable product in Windows Firewall
-d disable product in Windows Firewall
-r remove product from Windows Firewall

NSM – Manager
ALL – Configures for all installed products

The Deploy application uses Microsoft File and Print Sharing to remotely install DNA. If you need to use Deploy to deploy to a machine that has the Windows Firewall enabled, you must enable File and Print Sharing in the Windows Firewall Configuration.

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