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How to change the hotkey combination for emergency response messages in Notify

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  • How to change the hotkey combination for emergency response messages in Notify

There may be times when you need to quickly send an emergency message to Notification Agents, for example, when you need to quickly and quietly tell staff they need to exit the building.  Notify allows you to pre-configure an emergency response message at the Agent’s machine and set up a hotkey combination to send this.

  1. Open the Agent Configurator.
  2. Select the Emergency Response tab.
  3. Click Send an emergency response.
  4. Enter the required message and choose the hotkey combination to send the message. You can choose a two or three hotkey combination.
  5. Feedback can be displayed when an emergency message has been sent; select Show feedback when message sent. This will be displayed from the Notify system tray icon.
  6. Select the size of the emergency response message that appears at Agents screens from the Notification Size drop-down menu. You can choose from NormalDouble size or Full screen.
  7. If this Agent is to receive emergency messages, click Allow this computer to receive emergency response messages.
  8. Click OK.


  • Each Notification Agent machine that is to receive the emergency message needs to be configured.
  • On Agent PCs configured to send ’emergency responses’, you will need to test to ensure the hotkey combination selected does not conflict with other software products installed, e.g. a shortcut for a Windows feature.
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