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Manually editing SoftLINK’s Client32.ini file

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The Client configuration file, Client32.ini, is a text file that contains the majority of settings used by the SoftLINK Client to set the way it behaves. This file can only be used by the SoftLINK Client if it contains a valid checksum value. If the Student Configurator is used to modify settings, the Client configuration files checksum is automatically updated. However, if the configuration file is edited manually the checksum will not be valid and the Client will report an error and fail to load.

CKSINI.EXE is a command line executable that can be used to update the checksum for the Client configuration file.


The CKSINI.EXE utility can be used to apply a new Checksum value to the Client configuration file.

The CKSINI utility is not installed during the Installation of SoftLINK but can be downloaded at:

The Syntax for the CKSINI utility is:


Where FILENAME is the path and filename of the Client Configuration file.

e.g. CKSINI C:\Program Files (x86)\SoftLINK Class Control\Client32.ini

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