What Influences SoftLINK’s Video Player Performance during Video Synchronization

Download PDF:  KB0007 Summary Video that is being shown to a client or group of clients using PCIVIDEO.EXE will be synchronized. The degree of synchronization will be determined by a number of factors. Some of those factors include the location of the file, the workstation’s performance (faster processor means faster response time) and the size […]

How Do I Configure SoftLINK To Work On a DHCP Network

Download PDF:  KB0008 Summary With DHCP you allocate a range of TCP/IP address to a range of machines. Consequently, the TCP/IP address for each machine is not static and will vary depending on your particular configuration parameters. You may have problems in SoftLINK if you connect to clients using SoftLINK’s internal database of Client details. […]

My Computer Has an Onboard Video Adapter

Download PDF:  KB0009 Summary If you experience problems with SoftLINK running on machines which have an onboard graphics cards as well as an additional video adapter, you will need to disable the onboard controller. Most onboard video chips have a method for disabling the onboard video adapter, allowing you to successfully use an add-on video […]

Is It Possible to Speak and Listen to Multiple Students

Download PDF:  KB0011 Summary Using SoftLINK, it is currently not possible to talk and listen to more than one student simultaneously. However, the Tutor can talk to multiple clients at one time. Details During a view session, the Tutor can use the Audio function to conduct a bi-directional audio chat. The Tutor can also Show to the […]

How Can I Disable Certain Functionality in the SoftLINK Tutor

Download PDF:  KB0012 Summary You can customize the user interface of SoftLINK to restrict access to particular functions. These changes can be made by editing the client32.ini file and the registry. Details The Settings for the SoftLINK Tutor interface are stored in the registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NetSupport Ltd\PCICTL\ConfigList\SoftLINK Class Control By adding certain values to the key above, […]

Can I Install SoftLINK Silently Without Restarting the Workstation?

Download PDF:  KB0014 Summary There are many occasions when you do not want to force a restart of a workstation after installing an application silently, especially if you are installing multiple applications at one time. Details To do a silent installation of SoftLINK without restarting you will need to edit the NSS.ini. The line that […]

Assert failed, file PLATFORM.cpp, line 1636

Download PDF:  KB0015 Summary You may receive the error “Assert failed, file PLATFORM.cpp, line 1636” when starting the SoftLINK Client on a Windows NT or Windows 2000 machine. Details This error is caused by the SoftLINK Client not being able to interact with the desktop. To resolve this problem please do the following: Open Control […]

Failure window.c line 2024 when starting RoboLab software

Download PDF:  KB0016 Details When the SoftLINK Client and Robolab version 2.5 software are both installed on a Windows 2000 machine, the error message “Failure “window.c” line 2024″ will occur when the RoboLab software is started. Please perform the following fix which has been provided by Lego Technical Support. Resolution To resolve this problem you […]

Hot-key Combinations Do Not Work on Some Keyboards

Download PDF:  KB0017 Summary SoftLINK does not limit hot-key combinations, these limitations are the result of some keyboards. When you select three keys for your hot-key combination, some keyboards only accept the first two modifier keys pressed. This will obviously prevent you from switching back to your control environment. The only way to resolve this […]