Applied Computer Systems

Connecting to SoftLINK Students Using the User Mode feature

Download PDF:  KB0142

SoftLINK includes a new method to connect to Student machines that is based on the Student’s logon name. When launching the Tutor Console, a New Class window will appear allowing you to create your Class and then assign the relevant Student logon names to the Class. When the Class is selected the Tutor Console will connect to the Student PCs based on the logged on Student logon name.

Creating a Class with the Student Logon Names

1. Start the SoftLINK Tutor Console
2. When the New Class window appears select New
3. On the Select Startup Mode window that appears choose User Mode
4. A Create Class window will appear where you can enter in the Class Name and Description
5. In the List of Student logins section type in the Student logon names that will be members of the Class. It is possible to paste in the list of Student logon names if you have a pre-prepared list. Ensure that there is only one Student logon name per line in this section.
6. Select the Make this the active connection method if you wish for the Tutor Console to use the Class each time it is run
7. Click OK to save the Class
8. Highlight the Class icon in the Connect to section and click Select (a green tick will be placed on the Class icon)
9. Click OK to connect to the Students who are logged in.

It is possible to create multiple Classes on the Tutor Console using the method above. The required Class can then be selected by the teacher from the Connect to section of the New Class window when the Tutor Console is run.

Double clicking the Class icon in the Connect to section will also connect to the machines with the corresponding Student logon details.

Switching Between Classes

1. On the Tutor Console click the Manage Class icon
2. Click End Class (the New Class window will be displayed)
3. Highlight the Class icon in the Connect to section and click Select (a green tick will be placed on the Class icon)
4. Click OK to connect to the Student machines