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Does SoftLINK Require Instructors and Students to Run the Same Resolution?

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We have a computer lab for training here at our college campus.  Due to technical restraints at the teacher’s station, the instructor PC is set up for a lower resolution than the student stations.  Our instructor workstation screen resolution is 1024×767.  Student workstation screen resolutions are 1920×1080, which is much larger than the instructor.  Will SoftLINK work in this environment?

SoftLINK classroom management software is the ideal choice for any computer lab.  SoftLINK will provide an instructor with the ability to monitor, remotely control, or broadcast video to trainee workstations, regardless of resolution.  Teacher stations running a lower resolution than students will benefit from SoftLINK’s “Scale to fit” option while viewing a student station.  This feature will scale down the entire desktop of the student so that it can be viewed on the instructor’s station.  The image below is a screenshot of SoftLINK’s Tutor Console running on a workstation with a resolution of 1024×768.  The screen being viewed is running a resolution of 1920×1080.  Note how the instructor, while running a lower resolution, is still able to see the extents of the student’s desktop.

Instructor viewing student with larger resolution
Instructor viewing student with larger resolution