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How Do I Configure SoftLINK To Work On a DHCP Network

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With DHCP you allocate a range of TCP/IP address to a range of machines. Consequently, the TCP/IP address for each machine is not static and will vary depending on your particular configuration parameters.

You may have problems in SoftLINK if you connect to clients using SoftLINK’s internal database of Client details. The “Clients” list view in the Control main window provides a list of client machines that you have previously connected to. When you attempt to connect to Clients in this view, SoftLINK will use the IP address of the machine during its previous connection. If the TCP/IP address has changed since the last connection, you will not be able to connect to the client. To accommodate for DHCP, there is a configuration option that requires SoftLINK to connect to the client using the machine host name rather than the specific TCP/IP Address.

To use DHCP successfully with SoftLINK, you will need to configure the SoftLINK Tutor Console to use the hostname rather than the TCP/IP address

Select {School}, {Configuration}, and finally {Network and Wireless Settings}. In the TCP/IP Settings section, place a check in the box labeled “Connect By Hostname (DHCP/WINS)”.

When you perform a refresh in SoftLINK, it will search for all of the client machines that are currently available and running on your network. This refresh will also automatically correct any changes in the client machines’ TCP/IP addresses. The Modify Class function will return a list of currently available clients which you can connect to using its current and correct TCP/IP address.