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How Do I Replace a LINK System Student Unit?

I need to replace a student unit in my LINK System.  How should I do this?

Prior to replacing or maintaining any LINK System student unit, be sure to power down the entire LINK System.  Powering the LINK System down completely will eliminate all chances of inadvertently shorting out a component.

  1. Power down LINK System. If the student unit is powered, unplug its power supply as well.
  2. Disconnect the cables going to the Computer and Monitor ports on the student unit. Depending on the installation, these cables may look identical. If so, label them accordingly.
  3. Disconnect the Bus In and Bus Out cables. Notice that each cable consists of a 9 pin DSUB connection and an RJ45. Bus In and Out cables are opposite genders so it is no possible to plug them into the wrong port.
  4. Remove student unit and replace with new student unit.
  5. Connect the Bus In and Bus Out cables. Tighten the thumbscrews on the DSUB connections and be certain to hear the RJ45 connectors click into their connections. A tight connection can cause the LINK System not to function properly.
  6. Connect the Computer and Monitor cables.
  7. Connect power to the student unit if it requires power.
  8. Power up the LINK System and test the new configuration.