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How to Update the SoftLINK License After Purchasing Additional Seats

Download PDF:  KB0218

Many customers purchase SoftLINK for one or two classrooms initially and after finding success with the product choose to deploy it to more computers at their location. When more licenses of SoftLINK are purchased, the original license key must be replaced with the current key.  It is important that your license stays up-to-date to insure that you can properly connect to the number of workstations that your organization is entitled to.

SoftLINK license keys should be updated on the Tutor Console (instructor’s station), the student devices (trainee’s stations), and the Name & Connectivity Server (optional for Windows based classrooms).

Update the Tutor’s license:

  1. Browse to C:Program Files (x86)SoftLINK Class Control
  2. Double click on the file called PCILIC.EXE
    SoftLINK License Manager
  3. Enter the information provided to you by your sales representative. It should be in a format similar to the sample below.License Sheet for SoftLINK Version 12
    Serial Number:          ACS400000
    Maximum Clients:     20
    Expiry (dd-mm-yy):   0 Never
    Licensee:                  ACS
    Authorization:           0x1a2b3c4d
  4. Select Generate
  5. The license file, NSM.LIC will be generated and you will be prompted by a message box.
    SoftLINK License Sucessfully Created

Deploy the license to the Client workstations:

  1. Go into Start > Programs > SoftLINK Class Control > SoftLINK Class Control Deploy
    SoftLINK Class Control Deploy Shortcut
  2. Highlight the Students you wish to deploy to
    Select PCs to Deploy SoftLINK To
  3. Select Deploy > SoftLINK Class Control License File
    SoftLINK Class Control Deploy Summary
  4. Select Properties
    Browse for SoftLINK License File
  5. Browse to the NSM.LIC License file (normally in C:Program Files (x86)SoftLINK Class Control)
    Select SoftLINK License File
  6. Select ok
  7. Select Deploy
    Deploy SoftLINK License File to Client Workstations
  8. Enter the User Name and Password as prompted. Check “Try these details for other connections” to prevent the prompt from appearing for each workstation.
    SoftLINK Deploy Administrator Credentials
  9. The client will restart automatically with the license update.

Update the Name & Connectivity Server license:

The Name & Connectivity Server is not required for a Windows installation. Please skip this step if a workstation is acting as both the Tutor Station and the Name & Connectivity Server or if a Name & Connectivity Server is not being used in the deployment.

  1. Browse to C:Program Files (x86)SoftLINK Class Control on the Tutor station that was updated.
  2. Copy the NSM.LIC file.
  3. Paste the NSM.LIC file in the installation directory of the Name & Connectivity Server. The default directory is C:Program Files (x86)SoftLINK Class Control.

Technical Support
Contact Applied Computer Systems, Inc. if you need further assistance with updating your SoftLINK licensing.

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