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SoftLINK’s New Layout functionality when using the Room Mode method of Student Selection

Download PDF:  KB0149

From SoftLINK version 11 changes have been made to how the layout feature works when using the Room mode method of Student Selection. When in Room Mode, it will no longer be required to Save or Load a Layout file and so these options have been removed from the Tutor Console user interface.

The reason for this is that a Layout file will now automatically be created against the Room name you have currently selected. This means a different Layout file will automatically be created for each Room name you have configured. The Room Layout files will be created in the following naming format: RoomName_Layout.lyt.

Using this method when you start the Tutor and select your Room the layout file will change automatically to load the one that matches the Room selected.

When the Tutor Console is not configured to use the Room mode and instead is using either the Browse Mode, PC Mode or User Mode the layout files will be called _Layout.lyt. But by default it will also not be possible to Save or load any Layout files from the Tutor Console User Interface when using one of these other Student Selection modes.

However under certain circumstances it may also still be required to access the Save and Load Layout options when not using the Room mode method of Student Selection and so to restore these options when using either the Browse Mode, PC Mode or User Mode please see the instructions in the details section below:

In order to restore the Save and Load options, the following registry key will need to be applied to the SoftLINK Tutor Console:

  1. Open the registry editor on the Tutor Console
  2. Navigate to the following location:HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareNetSupport LtdPCICTLConfigListSoftLINK Class Control
  3. Add the following string value to the above location:Value name : UIEnableSaveLayout
    Value : 1

After applying the above registry option, the Save and Load Layout menu options in the Tutor console will be available again.

Note: The Load and Save options will continue to be disabled when using the Room Mode after applying the above.