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Testing APM Support on Windows NT 4.0

Download PDF:  KB0021

SoftLINK’s ability to power on or off your client computers relies on the whether the client hardware and operating system is configured and is able to support Advanced Power Management (APM). In order to use SoftLINK’s power on function, a Wake-on-LAN enabled network card is also required.

Windows NT 4.0 did not originally provide APM Support. APM Support was introduced to NT 4.0 in Service Pack 4, so it may be necessary to update your Windows NT operating system to provide this support for your computer.   To test that APM is configured and capable of powering off your Client station, perform the following:

Using RegEdit edit:


Key: SoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon

Name: LogoffSetting


Value: 1 (Enable power off after shutdown)

Select {Start}{Shutdown}{Shutdown}

If APM is working the Windows NT 4.0 machine should now shutdown and power off.

If your Windows NT machine restarts or displays the message “It is now safe to turn off your computer” the Advanced Power Management is not working.