Applying a SoftLINK School Chromebook License to the Name and Connectivity Server

Download PDF:  KB0148 Summary From SoftLINK version 11 support has been included to allow the Tutor Console to connect and monitor Chromebook Student devices.  In order to connect to the Google Chromebook devices the SoftLINK Name and Connectivity Server is required for the Google Chromebook Devices to connect too. Each Google Chromebook device that connects […]

Centrally Configuring the SoftLINK School Extension for Google Chrome

Download PDF:  KB0146 Summary With the release of SoftLINK version 11, support has been included to connect to and monitor Google Chromebook Student devices.  One of the benefits of using Google Chromebook devices is that they can be centrally managed through the web. Unfortunately, the Google Management Console does not currently provide the ability for an administrator […]

How to Restrict the SoftLINK Tutor Console to Display Only the Student Chromebook Functionality

Download PDF:  KB0143 Summary When using the SoftLINK Tutor Console to connect to only Google Chromebook Students it is possible to apply a registry value to the Tutor Console in order to restrict the Tutor Console User Interface to display only the features supported by Google Chromebook Students. Details Please find below details on the registry […]

Can I Monitor Chromebooks Using SoftLINK?

Download PDF:  KB0201 Summary I have several carts of Chromebooks for my school.  We currently use SoftLINK in our computer labs to monitor what the students are doing.  Will SoftLINK monitor Chromebooks as well? Details SoftLINK gives you the capability to monitor and remotely control Chromebooks.  SoftLINK works hand-in-hand with School for Google Chrome.  Using […]

Installing SoftLINK for use with the School Student Extension for Google Chrome

Download PDF:  KB0206 SoftLINK provides the tools you need to maximize the effectiveness of computer‐led training and you can now utilize SoftLINK’s features in Google Chromebook environments. From the SoftLINK Tutor (Windows or Chrome OS) the teacher can perform the following functionality on students’ Chromebooks: View a crystal clear thumbnail of each student Chromebook in […]

How to Centrally Configure the School Student Extension for Google Chrome OS

Download PDF:  KB0209 Summary SoftLINK now has the ability to connect to and monitor the students’ Chromebooks.  One of the key benefits of using Google Chromebooks in a school is that the Chromebooks can be centrally managed through the web and configurations can be changed at a moment’s notice.  Unfortunately, the Google Management Console currently does not […]

Cannot View ChromeBook Students from the SoftLINK Tutor Console

Download PDF:  KB0220 Summary If you observe Black Thumbnails or find only the Chrome icon appears where you would expect to see the Students screen please check the following. Details It has been found that if you disable the {Screenshot} function of the ChromeBook via the {Chrome Management Console} you will suffer the above issue of black […]

Step-By-Step Chrome Installation

Download PDF:  KB0214 SoftLINK provides teachers with the ability to monitor and interact with their students’ Google Chromebooks in the classroom. The installation process involves completing each of the steps below. Install SoftLINK Name & Connectivity Server The SoftLINK Name & Connectivity Server (NCS) must be installed on a Windows based server that has a […]

How Do I Update My Chromebook Software?

Download PDF:  KB0224 Summary  SoftLINK for Chrome is updated from time to time to provide new features requested by customers, enhance existing features, or to fix bugs that have been found in the software. When you are alerted to an update, it is recommended that you deploy the latest version at your earliest convenience to […]

Viewing Student Chromebook Screens in SoftLINK

DownloadPDF: KB0232 SoftLINK, by default, provides visual indicators to a trainee when an instructor is connected to the trainee’s device.  One of the most obvious indicators is the Student Toolbar which appears across the top of the trainee’s screen.  Additionally, their desktop wallpaper will be removed, customizable text may be overlaid onto their screen, and […]