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Setting a Client to Use Screen Scrape Mode

Download PDF:  KB0031

SoftLINK Clients have two methods of capturing the Video Output sent to the Clients screen.

  1. Hooking into the Installed Video Driver This particular method provides the best performance and is the most efficient way to view a SoftLINK Client. It involves the SoftLINK Client hooking into the video driver on the Client machine and sending copies of the video instructions that the Video driver receives to the SoftLINK Tutor, these instructions are used by the Tutor to display the Clients screen. This method may not display areas of the screen where the applications is bypassing the video driver and displaying to the Clients screen directly.
  2. Screen Scrape This method captures the Client screen as if it were a bitmap. Although the data is compressed this method is marginally slower than hooking into the Video Driver and has a greater impact on the Network due to the slightly larger amounts of data being. This method however will provide an accurate representation of the Client’s screen where hooking into the Video driver may sometimes fail.

In certain circumstances you may be advised by the Applied Computer Systems, Inc. Technical Support Team to set a Client to use screen scrape to overcome a problem with a certain Video Driver.

For SoftLINK versions 8.1 and later, you can enable screen scrape from the SoftLINK Configurator. To do this…

  • Open your SoftLINK Configurator
  • Select the Advanced button and double-click on Master Profile
  • Select Remote Control and then View.
  • Put a check in the box for Enable Screen Scrape.
  • Click OK and restart the Client service.

For versions of SoftLINK Manager prior to 8.1:

  • Find and open the file called Client32.ini, this file is found in the SoftLINK Installation folder.
  • Open the file in Notepad
  • At the bottom of the [Client] section type the following parameter ScreenScrape = 1
  • Save and Close this file.
  • As the Client32.ini file is a Check summed file you will now have to re-apply the check sum to the file to do this see the following article: Manually editing SoftLINK’s Client32.ini file.