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SoftLINK Client stops loading on Windows 95/98 machine

Download PDF:  KB0030

If a previously working SoftLINK Client stops loading on a Windows 95/98 machine this may be due to the video resolution being altered. To resolve this problem reset the SoftLINK Video Driver.

If the Windows 95/98 video resolution has been changed after the SoftLINK Client has been installed, this may stop the SoftLINK client from loading as it is unable to hook into the video driver. To resolve the issue, try resetting the video driver from the {Start}{Programs}{SoftLINK}{Reset Video Driver}.  You will be prompted to do this in either the system.ini or the registry.  The best place to hook into the video driver is in the registry so try this first.  In some cases, however, video cards do not put the relevant entries in the registry and may cause Windows 95/98 to general protection fault (GPF). If a GPF occurs, restart Windows 95/98 in Safe mode and reset the video drivers again using the system.ini method.